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ERP managing system for shipping companies By Impulsion technologies


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software to manage business process that permits a company to use integrated system of applications to achieve a business and also bring automation in many back-office processes related to technology, services and human resources.

ERP system By Impulsion Technologies

Impulsion technologies is one of the leading companies working on different aspects of technology to bring automation and robustness in different business processes. We have designed ERP system with additional and unique features.

EPR system provided by Impulsion Technologies For shipping industries

Basically, ERP software designed by Impulsion technologies has integrates various functions into single autonomous system to streamline all processes and information of the business across the entire organization. Main feature of ERP systems of Impulsion Technology is a shared database that supports versatile functionalities that are used by various units of business.

Unique Features of ERP system by Impulsion Technologies include:

Management of Product life cycle

Management of supply chain (for example purchasing, manufacturing and distribution), Management of warehouse,

Customer relationship Management(CRM),

Bring automation in sales order processing,

Enhance and track online sales,

Records and management of financials, human resources

Provide decision support system.

ERP system provided by Impulsion Technologies For shipping industries:

Impulsion Technologies has vast experienced work with shipping industries and also provided ERP system to different shipping companies with unique features and promised quality with extensive support. As shipping industry has deep impact on all sorts of businesses so they need steady and seamless flow of all process and automation with to maximum extent.And it is an honor of Impulsion Technologies to provide most powerful and efficient ERP system for Shipping Industry.

Shipping Industry is a very crucial and important industry when it comes to transportation of goods and material from one location to another. It is the cheapest and natural mode of transport available in today’s world for bulk shipping and transport. Almost 90% of country’s trade takes place through the shipping port nationwide.

EPR system provided by Impulsion Technologies For shipping industries

ERP software for Shipping Industry, is  such a robust and calculable  solution which can manage and handle all shipping related transactions and other office processes from a single ERP Software by Impulsion technologies.

Main Features of ERP system by Impulsion Technologies for Shipping industries

  • Provide multiple currency exchange rates
  • Maintenance of budget
  • To measure performance of Vessel
  • Vessel wise profitability
  • Provision controlling
  • Payments
  • Fixed Assets

The advantages of the ERP system used by shipping industry are:


Optimization of business processes.

Accurate and timely access to reliable information.

The ability to share information between all components of the organization.

Elimination of unnecessary operations and data.

Saving time by bringing automation.


Impulsion technologies offer enhanced integrated ERP system to guarantee shipping achievements.

We ensure that all information passes through proper system quickly and effectively.

We also provide u handy access and insights into your business, while on the other hand simultaneously delivering consideration of industry benchmarks, which gives you the vantage point to optimize your day-to-day decisions.

We provide a single-source, single-vendor, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.


Our ERP system provide you complete support in following fields

In managing your Finance & Accounting.

In maintaining operations and chartering

  • ERP system for shipping companies

Assist you in Planning and procurement processes.

Integration of all operation on one platform.

Automation in all processes.

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